Universities and museums join in effort to ‘scan all vertebrates’

 It seems that even scientific endeavors fall victim to feature creep — or in the case of an effort to scan all fishes that has expanded to include all vertebrates, creature creep. More than a dozen learning institutions are pooling their resources to create detailed 3D scans, inside and out, of more than 20,000 animals. Read More

Author: Devin Coldewey,
Source: https://techcrunch.com/2017/08/24/universities-and-museums-join-in-effort-to-scan-all-vertebrates/?ncid=rss&utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+Techcrunch+%28TechCrunch%29,
Puslished Date: August 24, 2017,
Published Time: 10:03 pm